Home entertainment Bell comments on Heidi Klum’s appearance on American television

Bell comments on Heidi Klum’s appearance on American television

Bell comments on Heidi Klum’s appearance on American television
Tom (left) often talks about Heidi Klum with his brother Bill Kaulitz (right) on the joint podcast.

Tom (left) often talks about Heidi Klum with his brother Bill Kaulitz (right) on the joint podcast.BILD: Getty Images North America / Demetrius Kambouris

This week, Heidi Klum was the guest of Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” On the popular Late Night Show, Klum not only interviewed Jimmy Fallon but also performed a funny voice routine in which her voice was tone-tuned using auto-tuning technology. There is a clip of her performance online on YouTube, among others.

But it was not the vocal performance that caused surprise: many users reacted with surprise in the comments under the videos, because they agreed that Heidi’s face had changed so much and was beyond recognition.

The appearance of the “GNTM” Chief Justice was also a current topic on the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood” for Heidi’s husband Tom Kaulitz and brother Bill. The Tokyo hotel singer shared in the current issue how he found his sister-in-law’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon and revealed to Tom why he and Heidi are also in New York – But his brother Bill did not fully agree with what he said.

Heidi and Tom took a short trip to New York

Without further ado, Tom talked about his trip to New York with his wife Heidi on the podcast and told listeners: “We were only in New York for three days, it was actually a very short trip, we were in New York for work.” But Bell did not want to leave this statement standing and immediately interrupted his brother:

Bell then revealed the real reason Heidi and Tom were staying in the Big Apple: “I flew there to see your new apartment, which is now finished.” “We combined business and pleasure,” Tom finally corrected, confirming that their New York apartment was completed. In this context, Bill joked: “I checked out your apartment, which has now been under construction for three years, reviewed it and made a checklist. Mere mortals told us how something like that works.”

In response, Tom explained, “You commissioned something and at some point you have to see what it looks like and decide if it turns out the way you want it to.” Unfortunately, the 32-year-old admitted that things weren’t quite what Heidi had imagined. But they had such a good time in New York, Tom was excited about his short trip with Heidi.

Appearing in Jimmy Fallon: Bill’s son-in-law cheers for Heidi’s look

Viewing the apartment was the fun part of their trip, but the Kaulitz couple were also in New York for work. “Heidi was also on the late night show. We wanted to promote our song ‘Tea Tea with Heidi.’ We were with Jimmy Fallon, I love him so much.Tom explained. Bill flow:

Most users did not share this opinion or, rather, they may not have been able to fully focus on Heidi’s appearance because her face was distracting. “Wow, she looks completely different. She didn’t need to get anything done‘, for example, was a comment in this context. Another was horrified: ‘She’s not Heidi anymore.’ She shouldn’t have overdoed her botox.”

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