Because of a real estate deal: the Vatican files charges in a financial scandal

Status: 03.07.2021 2:14 pm

The Vatican’s criminal court has charged 10 people – including a cardinal – with a failed real estate deal. Among the allegations: corruption, extortion and abuse of office.

Embezzlement, corruption, extortion, money laundering and fraud: these are just a few of the serious allegations the Vatican makes against its employees – including the cardinal – and offshore companies. It is an investment of around 350 million euros by the Vatican State Secretariat, the latter of which was cheated out of millions.

The Holy See Criminal Court has so far indicted 10 suspects as the Vatican also announced, there were also suspicions against Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Piccio during the investigation. The former chief of staff in the Vatican State Secretariat must be held accountable for embezzlement and abuse of office. Pope Francis sacked the 73-year-old from his office at the end of September last year after suspected financial irregularities.

The trial is scheduled to begin on July 27. The defendants deny these allegations.

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