TV team in danger!

Two soccer stars honored themselves on Saturday evening at “Schlag den Star”: former Icelandic soccer player and “Let’s Dance” 2021 winner Rúrik Gíslason (34) challenged Inter Milan kicker Robin Gosens (27).

Cosens sounded confident about the win: “This Let’s Dance guy, when I’m done tonight, he’ll only be doing the duck dance.” Everything tonight.”

Fraud charges against Gossens

However, it was primarily the crew of the “Schlag Ten Star” that suffered that evening, and this was not the only time it was in danger. Already during the first game “Kurbelauto” Gíslason almost ran over the cameraman. His opponent also cried out: “I caught a shepherd right away!”

Umpire Elton (51) meanwhile mocked Gossens for illegally using his legs. Elton continued to shout: “Step up!” But the footballer ignored him and tried to keep his feet on the ground. Elton had to rebuke him over and over again and it became too much for him.

The moderator asked for video evidence, then said: “Sorry, it’s a zero crossing. You cheated. Commentator Ron Ringuth (56) was already resigned: “I don’t understand it.” The round was repeated – and eventually Ghislason managed to win the “Crank Car” game. .

Hammer throwing panic

Spectators even had to take cover during a “Frisbee fight.” However, the game of “hammer throwing” became more intense and caused definite moments of panic. There was a net around the throwing circle, but after Rurik threw his hammer there, Elton already went to the tip: “I’m hiding a little here. Not much network.”

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But the subsequent throws left the audience and the team reeling. Elton kept retreating: “I’m going over here. I’m scared. I might as well go get something to eat.”

Gossens also became more and more confused: “I really don’t have a good feeling about it!” But the most dangerous situation of the evening followed shortly after: Robin Cozens threw the hammer to the side, nearly hitting the cameraman and both. External objects were attacked. He called aloud: “Beware!” He missed the cameraman, and Ron Ringuth wasn’t optimistic: “Luckily we built the trench there. We suspected something.”

Gossens later apologized to the TV crew: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry guys. I’m so sorry!” Ringuth asked his colleague anxiously: “Elton, is everyone okay?” Fortunately, he was able to confirm that nothing had happened, but he was finally in the clear when the “hammer throw” was over. top. Despite the near miss, Gossens managed to win the match.

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Cosens won “Beat Star”.

Spectators weren’t completely safe either: during a “tic tac toe” soccer game they had to hide from flying balls. After that it was not dangerous, but it was very exciting. “Klap-Kugel” became a match point game for Cosens. After a nerve-wracking fight, the winner was finally determined at 1:15 a.m.: Robin Kosens defeated his opponent Rurik Kislason, and after a while he was allowed to hold the suitcase with 100,000 euros in his hands.

However, Elton sent a very special heartfelt greeting for the cameras. Speaking to her assistant Corinna, 37, who revealed her recent cancer diagnosis, she said: “Congratulations Corinna too. You can do it!”

On July 23, viewers can look forward to the next edition of “Schlag Ten Star”. Then “Let’s Dance” judge and dancer Motsi Mapus, 41, competes against teacher and host Laura Karasek, 40.


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