Bankruptcy after Capitol Storm: 'Proud Boys' president sells 'Black Lives Matter' T-shirts

The far-right groups “Proud Boys” and “Oath Keepers” from the United States appear to be completely bankrupt.

According to a report issued byThe Wall Street Journal(Wall Street Journal) The situation is so serious that the president of ‘Proud Boys’, Enrique Tarrio, 37, has even started selling ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirts.

Of all things! After all, his neo-Nazi group is ideologically and politically completely against the “Black Lives Matter” views.

Prosecutors are currently investigating the flow of money that led both groups to Washington on Jan. 6, and what role the founders played in the organization. Tarrio and Oath Keepers founder Elmer Stewart Rhodes have not entered the Capitol themselves, but several of their members are under investigation.

W: More than thirty members of the “Oath Guards” and “Proud Boys” have already been arrested for their participation in the attack on the Capitol.

Journalist Jan Wolfe (Reuters) has now shared the design of the “Black Lives Matter” shirt on Twitter, which “Proud Boys” president Enrique Tarrio (left photo) appears to be selling now: “The Proud Boys are in dire need of money, they are now printing Black” shirts Lives Matter,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The financial resources of the two major American right-wing organizations are far from good. The leaders are bankrupt, have a big problem with membership declines and are arguing with the remaining members about the future.

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▶ ︎ In “Oath Keepers,” board members recently accused Rhodes of spending money raised by the organization on hair coloring, steaks and weapons, according to the WSJ.

► On the other hand, Enrique Tarrio complained in an interview in April: “We are bleeding” regarding his online store, with which the organization raised funds to support itself and other members.

Further: “We’ve Bleeded Since January” – On January 6, 2021, leaders of the Proud Boys participated in the storming of the Capitol in Washington, DC. Clearly, America’s moment of shock also has consequences – financial at least – for the people behind it.

It seems that the situation has worsened again since April – why are the “discount” shirts printed? needs money. It seems that the far-right Tario does not care what is happening.

However, the far-right ideology prevalent in both groups is only a thing of the past. Many of the former members joined other far-right groups, mostly smaller ones.

And the: Thousands of US dollars were raised through crowdfunding, albeit against the legal costs of the detainees for their participation in the assault on the Capitol. Apparently there is not much money left.


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