Bandai Namco announces Hunted The Game

Bandai Namco Entertainment and bitComposer Interactive have announced “Asked – Hunted – The Game,” the official video game for the TV show of the same name, which will be released on October 29, 2021 for PC and consoles. “Asked – Hunted – The Game” is the third game being developed and published under license and in collaboration with Studio Hamburg Enterprises, a subsidiary of the public broadcasting company NDR.


The competition program “Asked – Hunted”, which has been broadcast on Das Erste since 2015 and is currently in its seventh season. In the figure, a team of four candidates competes one after another against the mastermind, the so-called hunter. You have to win the competition duel against him to advance to the finals and get the prize money.

In “Asked – Hunted – The Game” you have the opportunity to test your knowledge with up to three friends. It’s up to you to decide what role you want to play – that of a hunter or a stalker. You can either join forces as a team and try to beat one of the three Hunters from the TV format together. Or take on the role of a hunter and compete against each other to show who is the smartest.

The game’s question catalog includes more than 4,500 questions from 25 different categories in which you can test your knowledge. Moderator Alexander Boems, three fishermen Sebastian Klossmann, Sebastian Jacobi, and Klaus Otto Nagorsnik were all set to the music with their original sounds.

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