Bad Gut: Seven Habits That Harm Your Digestion

Bad Gut: Seven Habits That Harm Your Digestion

The process of digestion in the human body can be affected by various factors – improper nutrition is only one reason. In order to promote a healthy intestinal flora, you must avoid certain things.

The intestines have many bacteria and microorganisms that have a great impact on physical and mental health. Certain lifestyle habits and factors can negatively affect the gut microbiota and digestion and sometimes have serious consequences such as cancer or stroke. chronic inflammation as a result.

Intestinal Disorders: Ten Habits Harmful to Digestion

If there are too few protective bacteria in the intestines, this leads to certain symptoms and diseases:

Alcohol, smoking, and fatty foods are just a few reasons for this Dharmflora And digestion They become unbalanced and can lead to troublesome symptoms or even illnesses.

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