Bachelor in Emotion Trap: “Nice Ride!”

Bachelor of Arts in Emotion Trap
“Nice ride!”

By Kai Butterweck

In Mexico, the final is still a corner. Before that happens, Dominic offers three more Dreamdate tickets. Then, the undergraduate season faces the most difficult end to date. Which girl does he send home shortly before the last rose?

Anna, Nile, Jana-Maria… Anna, Nile, Jana-Maria… Anna, Nile, Jana-Maria தெரியவில்லை I do not know where before and after graduation: “I have developed my own bond with every woman, many emotions scare me,” Dominic shudders. To bring the completely uncontrollable emotions under control, the bachelor invites you for a short ride, followed by a tequila picnic. “A good ride!”

Perhaps the most hard-working Jana-Maria could be a touchdown before the match after tequila treatment. But under the deep blue sky and surrounded by hundreds of cactuses, you are still far from making an initial decision. Nothing helps. Dream dates need to create clarity. Nele, Jana-Maria and Anna can enjoy pure togetherness for a day and a night. The program is slightly different.

“A man is happy and quiet”

Despite the kiss, Nele had to pick up her bags before the final.

(Photo: RTL)

You can choose between a hot air balloon, a helicopter or a small engine propeller plane to take off into the air. After that, you will sip delicious Mexican five star food and sip delicious sparkling wine before heading straight from the pool to the cameraless bedroom. What happens there will be under a comfortable blanket: “A gentleman enjoys and is quiet,” the bachelor smiles, after which he bids farewell to Anna. By the way, they changed their strategy overnight. Hanseatic, who at one time seemed a little cold and restrained, finally allows feelings: “My face is crumbling,” Anna laughs after her “beautiful” dream date.

Even in the presence of other women, the bachelor puts on “big blows”. When Nele scores with “hot words” and a handwritten love letter, Jana-Maria touches the bachelor’s heart with an open passion and a relaxed, fluffy attitude: “She’s like me, it somehow fits from beginning to end,” Dominic exclaims.

The bachelor’s degree has increased

After many conversations, more kisses and after realizing that Mexico is a “dream” out of the air, the bachelor returns to a final time to think. Not even Robin Hood’s Fleetspoken’s enthusiasm can continue it in Rosenquartier. With all his heart, the bachelor avoids every look of confident and enthusiastic women. There are only two roses in the vase, but three girls to choose from. Bachelor pessimism: “The heart, the head, the stomach, everything points in a different direction,” Dominic stumbles.

After the blink of an eye, Anna breathes a sigh of relief as the first finalist: “I missed you,” can be seen in the ears of the man of her dreams. Now only Nele and Jana-Maria are worried about entering the final. “I can not do that, alas!” The bachelor raises his head and stumbles before taking the last love plant in his hand. Silence. Then the time has come. “The last rose goes … Jana-Maria”.

Nele has to go home

As expected, the Marbella entrepreneur is overjoyed. Nele, on the other hand, is “shocked”, but recovers quickly: “I do not want to force anyone to be happy,” says the tall blonde. For bachelor now it is about sausage. In the upcoming final you will have to choose two completely different women. Anna or Jana Maria? Who is the woman who won the heart of the bachelor? Next week we will all be smarter.

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