Good news from the world of Cologne 50667: Louis-Isabella Matijk and former co-chainer Pascal Zadeau (24 years old) are expecting a baby! The two met a few years ago on the set of Soap Eve — and fell in love. Now the two love birds are taking the next step in their relationship. So far, not many details are known about her baby’s luck. But now the parents will be revealed: will they have a son or a daughter?

on him InstagramChannels, the couple has now revealed the big secret: “We found out today that everything is fine and that we are expecting a little girl.” Mom and Dad continue to rave: “We can’t wait to meet you and already love you more than anything, little mouse!” And they also posted this cute picture: Here they are kissing Pascal and Louise closely as they proudly hold an ultrasound image of their young daughter into the camera.

Many of their colleagues at “Cologne 50667” already congratulate Louis and Pascal on the appointments: “Ah, I honestly said it was going to be a girl! I’m so happy, I could cry right away”Sophie Immelman (25) Cheers. Pia Tillman (34) assures: “Congratulations, you two! May you always be happy and healthy, and little mouse continue to grow and thrive.”

Luise-Isabella Matejczyk und Pascal Zadow
Pascal Zadeau and Louise-Isabella Matijk

Instagram / louisematejczyk

Pascal Zadeau and Louise-Isabella Matijk
Sophie Imelmann im November 2020 in Dusseldorf

Instagram / Sophiemelmann

Sophie Imelmann im November 2020 in Dusseldorf


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