Attila Hildman did not breathe. For the second time, a hacker joint “anonymous” hacked its personal website and stole personal data.

According to standard media reports, the hacker joint “anonymous” has regained access to Attila Hildmann’s sensitive data. When you open your website, the anonymous logo adorns the background.

There is also a YouTube link to the cover song of the Britney Spears hit “Oops! … I Did It Again” and “Hacked by anonymous activists around the world”.

The song is a reference to another hacker attack that took place a few months ago when Hildman’s countless personal data was stolen. The title of the song can be translated as “Oops, we did it again”.

In a blog post since November 8, “Anonymous” actually explains that only Hildman’s site should be hacked, but the whole host was taken later – because it should have been easier.

As a result, ProSite, an internet provider based in Berlin, was completely hacked by hackers. They gained access to the entire hosting center. This gave them access to security cameras there, temperature control, account management system and highly sensitive customer data.

Not the first hacker attack on Hildman

Attila Hildman was killed in a hacker attack in September. More than 100,000 area emails and contacts of business partners and “comrades” are said to have been seized. At the time, the “anonymous” man threatened to reveal the stolen information to officials and journalists.

In this case, the “anonymous” access was granted by Hildman’s former confidant. Guy E., who was previously in charge of the chef’s information technology, sent hackers access to more than 20 postal accounts and Internet domains. This made it easier for them to obtain secure and confidential data.

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Hildman is said to have left Germany and is currently in Turkey. The chef, despised for his extreme positions, fled Berlin after a judge issued an arrest warrant on February 19 on suspicion of treason and other criminal offenses. He is said to have escaped after thanking a member of the judiciary for leaking confidential information.


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