'Stay strong': Austria's top scorer Leiner sends a message to Eriksen

Austrian Stefan Lehner sent a message to Christian Eriksen who fell on the field the day before in Copenhagen, when he celebrated his goal in the European Championship preliminary round match against North Macedonia. After his 18th-minute goal, the 28-year-old from Borussia Moenchengladbach raised a T-shirt that read “Eriksen stay strong”.


And the Danish Federation announced, on Sunday, that Eriksen’s condition is stable after the shock of the match against Finland on Saturday evening, which was stopped for more than an hour due to the dramatic incident. After he collapsed before the break, the assistants immediately fought for minutes for the 29-year-old’s life.

Danish coach Hjolmand: “We want to continue”

On Sunday, the Danish Federation clarified the health status of professional Inter – and confirmed that the national team would continue to participate in the tournament. “We want to continue. We hope this tournament continues.”Sports Director Peter Muller said. The match continued on Saturday only after a long break. On Sunday, coach Kasper Hjolmand said it was a wrong decision too late: “I know it was a difficult, very difficult decision. But looking back, it was the wrong decision that put the players in front of this choice,” he explained. : “I was in shock. I have a feeling we shouldn’t have played.” Sports director Muller explained that the decision was ultimately taken by the Danish authorities.

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