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Atlanta Hawks a real chance in the playoff as they beat the disastrous Charlotte Hornets

The Atlanta Hawks saved their chance in the playoffs. In a 9-10 playoff against the Charlotte Hornets, Trae Young won a stake 132-103, and the All-Star team didn’t have their best evening.

Atlanta Hawks (9) – Charlotte Hornets (10) 132:103 (BOXSCORE)

Young had difficulties, especially in the first half, at times the base wasted eight consecutive throws. Charlotte defended the All-Star better than any other team during the regular season, but as the game progressed the 23-year-old found ways to punish the defense and ended up with 24 points (8/24 FG) and 10 assists.

What was most important to the Hawks was that the other newbies also delivered. Clint Capella (15, 17 rebounds, 3 blocks) recalled the previous year’s outstanding performance, Kevin Hoyer (13) and Deandre Hunter (22, 7 rebounds) using the freedom Young created for them. Atlanta hit more than 50 percent of the field, exactly half of the three (16/32) went through the trap.

However, Charlotte’s defense was disastrous most of the time. The third quarter was a symbol of that. Atlanta scored 16 of his 24 attempts for 42 points, and even took 3 offensive rebounds to earn a second chance point. It was roughly last year’s edition when the Hornets suffered a similar disaster in the Indiana game (117-144).

Despite the poor odds, Lamelo’s ball (26, 7/25, 7 assists) was a top player for the visitors, as was BJ Washington (17, 7/10). Terry Rosier (21, 8/22) and Miles Bridges (12, 0/4 three) were disappointed, with the latter taking two teethers and an automatic ejection midway through the fourth quarter on vacation.

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