Der US-Schauspieler Ned Eisenberg war vor allem dank seiner Rolle in Law & Order bekannt. Foto: acepixs/ImageCollect

American actor Ned Eisenberg is best known for his role in the movie Law & Order. Photo: acepixs/ImageCollect

Ned Eisenberg is dead, the “Law & Order” star died Sunday in his hometown of New York. He had two types of cancer for two years.

American actor Ned Eisenberg died Sunday of cancer at his home in New York. This was confirmed by his spokesperson for “People” magazine. The “law and order” star suffered from two types of cancer: gallbladder cancer and eye melanoma. His wife, Patricia, said her husband “bravely fought both my cancer diagnoses.”

He was attacked by “two very rare killers” and is still in show business for two years. Eisenberg wanted to make sure that his “health insurance for him and his family” would remain in place. In addition to his wife, Eisenberg left behind their son Leno.

Best Known Role for Ned Eisenberg in “Law & Order”

Born in New York, he landed his first leading role in the movie “Key Exchange” in 1985. During his later career, he made a name for himself on Broadway and starred in several series such as “The Equalizer” and “Mare Eastown,” The List Black” or “Miami Vice” with. His most famous role since 1997 is that of criminal defense attorney Roger Kressler in the NBC series Law & Order.

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