Argentine reporter robbed on camera

Argentine reporter robbed on camera

A reporter was apparently robbed during a live broadcast of the World Cup in Qatar. She said she was shocked by the police officer’s remarks.

He stole live in front of the camera, but nothing was noticed at the moment – according to an Argentine TV journalist, this happened in the Qatari capital, Doha. It was only when she wanted to buy water after scoring in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup that she noticed her wallet was no longer in her pocket.

Reporter Dominique Metzger described the incident last Friday to Argentine TV station TN, where she also works. According to media reports, she had previously reported on her Instagram account.

Metzger said that after she noticed the theft, she went to a local police station. In addition to the money, her wallet also contained her credit cards and identification documents. The policewoman had definitely made it clear to her that the culprit would be found because there were surveillance cameras everywhere.

“What do you want the judiciary to do with him?”

She was also immediately told that she had to decide the punishment for the thief herself. Officer Metzger asked, “What do you want the judiciary to do with him if we find him?” He gave two options for punishment: five years in prison or that the offender be expelled from the country.

I was deeply shocked by this, according to the Argentine journalist. Upset, she replied that she could not decide. The only thing she wanted: the back of her purse.

An authoritarian country is hosting the World Cup this year and the country’s human rights situation is problematic. This has been heavily criticized beforehand. Fair trials are “far from guaranteed” in the Gulf state, human rights group Amnesty International has criticized. According to the organization, in recent years it has documented cases of unfair trials.


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