ARD Creators – These are the winners from the North | – Culture

ARD Creators – These are the winners from the North | – Culture

Status: 09.06.2022 11:00 AM

At the re:publica digital commerce fair today, ARD Kultur announced the winning projects of the first “ARD Creators” creative competition. Including Anne Brich and Jenna Enslin with their podcast Oh Nothing! about relationships.

Even the title piqued the curiosity of the NDR jury: “Oh nothing! – a podcast about who’s not said in relationships.” Who among us did not say to himself: Why did you keep silent? What are the taboos of even the closest intimacy? What are the hopes, fears, and reproaches behind our silence? And is it better to say everything?

Anne Pretzsch and Gina Enslin, two young artists and podcasters, came up with the “ARD Creators” contest with an idea for tracing the gaps in our communications – and won!

ARD Creators is looking for innovative media library projects

Jenna Enslin © Moritz Ziems

Jenna Enslin is one of the two artists who submitted the podcast Oh Nothing! About the Unsaid in Relationships to the ARD Creators contest.

ARD Creators is the first major project of the new community platform ARD Kultur, which will be launched in the fall. Young creators from all over Germany were asked to create something on the topic of “interconnectedness”. Objective: Innovative projects for a media library, audio library or social media on the topic of social cohesion on a small and private level as well as on a large scale.

Nearly 700 entries, 80 from northern Germany

There were nearly 700 applications, 80 from northern Germany alone. Awarded for nine projects: short films, music, podcasts, digital art – each government broadcaster will implement a project with the creators.

The winners, who will be announced today in re:publica, will receive a prize money of €5,000. ARD Kultur finances production.

The NDR jury sent three nominees to ARD Kultur

Anne Pritzsch © Vera Drebusch @kuenstler_innen_portraits

Anne Pritzsch is the second northern German creative behind the relationship podcast Oh Nothing!

Isa Scholz from NJOY and Anna Kremer, Claus Röck and Christoph Bungartz from The Culture Program saw applications from Northern Germany to the NDR and sent their three favorites to the main jury at ARD Kultur.

With ‘Oh Nothing’ we had a feeling: This could be a very real and at the same time deep podcast. Congratulations to the winners from Northern Germany! We are excited to see what they can say about the unanswered NDR jury, said Bongartz on behalf of the NDR jury. to project development – where we will also integrate Think Audio’s expertise.”

At the end of October and beginning of November, ARD Kultur intends to present products from all nine state broadcasters. One of the two winners, Gina Enslin, is interviewed live at 2.40pm with NDR Kultur Editor Misha Cresscott on NDR Kultur.

All winners and more about “ARD Creators” can be found here:

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