With Android Auto Some of the Android apps installed on the smartphone can be used on the infotainment system screens and should present the most important things like connectivity, navigation or music there. Google is now focusing more on entertainment, and a few days ago gave GameSnacks the green light for Android Auto, which can be used for games right in the car — but only in beta for now.

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Everything in the car should be functional and safe, and of course this also applies to the infotainment area, which usually consists of the four main areas of navigation, music, communication and possibly control of some of the car’s functions. Each function fulfills its purpose, but as soon as the car stops, a small gap appears. Who among us hasn’t waited a long time in the car for something/someone and somehow passed the time? Android Auto now offers a new business opportunity.

GameSnacks for Android Auto launched a few days ago, and its title pretty well describes what it’s meant to be: a selection of games that can be played as a quick snack in between that don’t require a well-trained skill and don’t require a good skill. A lot of time. Just start and gamble and stop again without big goals. That is exactly the goal of GameSnacks, which was launched last year by Google subsidiary Area 120 and is now available in a very large number.

With Android Auto there is first a selection of eight different mini-games suitable for the car screen, offering particularly short play times, and of course also optimized for this app: use them in landscape mode and as far as possible, with voice control. However, it is mainly played by touch on the screen.

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Of course, games can only be played when the car or the smartphone in the car is not in motion. Once the journey begins, the game ends for safety reasons. Otherwise, we would also be expected to want to gamble at the red traffic light and continue the journey slowly. Since gaming in vehicles is nothing new, but is also being introduced by Tesla, among others, perhaps Google should have followed suit.

I think the choice of games will grow over time. Everything is currently only available in the beta version of Android Auto, but it should be activated for all users in a few days. Fortunately, all users can now use the trial version.

Play GameSnacks on the web or on your smartphone
While only a few GameSnacks are available with Android Auto, for the reasons already mentioned, many other games can be played on the web and on Android. All you have to do is visit the website of GameSnacks It is open and you can get started right away without registration and without much practice. It’s very likely that these snacks will appear in other places in the future where these little games are good – maybe one day in Google Doodle.


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