Prangt dieses Logo – hier vor der Firmenzentrale von Intel im Silicon Valley – bald auch vor einer Mega-Fabrik in Sachsen-Anhalt?
Will that logo - here in front of Intel's headquarters in Silicon Valley - soon also be placed in front of a gigantic factory in Saxony-Anhalt?

Will that logo – here in front of Intel’s headquarters in Silicon Valley – soon also be placed in front of a gigantic factory in Saxony-Anhalt?
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Semiconductor manufacturer Intel found what it was looking for in Germany for new factory locations.

He wants to build a new chip factory near Magdeburg. This gigantic factory will be bigger and more expensive than anything Tesla is building near Grünheide, near Berlin.

Pat Gelsinger, President of Intel, spoke about a total investment of 80 billion euros.

It seems that the American company Intel wants to build a huge plant for the production of computer chips in Magdeburg, the capital of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. that reports “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”The official announcement should be made next week. The chip factory settlement would be Saxony-Anhalt’s largest investment since reunification. We are talking about an investment that exceeds the Tesla settlement near Berlin by several times.

About 20,000 jobs can be created at Intel and its suppliers in the Magdeburg region, most of them for highly qualified professionals. “We are effectively building a small town in which other companies are involved as well as universities and research institutes,” Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told the newspaper. He also talked about a total investment of 80 billion euros.

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The site of the huge plant will consist of eight plants, each of which will cost about ten billion euros and provide 1,500 jobs. The Director-General described it – even before Intel decided to select a site – as crucial to choosing a future site large enough for the planned building. The size of this huge factory is about 500 football fields. The plant will now be built in the west of the Saxon state capital Anhalt, where there are large, relatively flat tracts in the particularly lush landscape of Borde, which is also easily accessible via the A14 and A2 motorways.

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In addition to Saxony-Anhalt, a site in Bavaria and Saxony for the site was also discussed. In the interstate conflict, Saxony now appears to have prevailed, as the state government of CDU, SPD and FDP led by Prime Minister Rainer Hasselhof (CDU) has tried extensively in the background for months to persuade Intel to settle there.

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