American Basketball Players Have Problems - Yet They Play for Gold

Team USA’s progress is shrinking, and the competition is getting stronger. However, American basketball players again reached the Olympic final.

David’s star All the traits of a skilled entrepreneur. The lawyer who died on New Year’s Day 2020 at the age of 78 was the fourth commissioner in NBA, managing director of the best basketball league in the world. Under one leadership, the NBA rose to become one of the most popular professional leagues; It was the most compelling marketing tool for the US-led expansion campaign Dream Team. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and many other prominent representatives of their sport charmed millions upon millions of fans at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Three years later, Stern said, “From the beginning, almost without exception, Americans have played in the NBA. But that will change.”

In August 2021 it could be said: Stern was absolutely right. And that’s why Americans have a problem.

The Tream team came once as a circus troupe

Not economic, to be exact: The global NBA brand continues to thrive in a billion-dollar business Stephen CurryThe Golden State Warriors star signed a $200 million contract for the second time in his career. But the sport is getting tighter: The North American League is now a melting pot of talent from around the world. 70 players participate in Olympic GamesDenial like They were at first, or still have, contracts with NBA teams – more than ever.

The original Dream Team came to Catalonia 29 years ago on a mission from a circus troupe: it was meant to spread the fun and show how great American stars are at handling the ball. Then coach Chuck Daly said, “It was as if Elvis and the Beatles had teamed up. Traveling with the dream team was like touring with twelve rock stars.” Hall of Fame – Eleven of the twelve US gold medalists have gone to Hall of Fame registered.

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Stars from abroad worry Americans

The official language has now changed from Dream Team to USA team It was overtaken because previous versions of Dream Squad no longer did justice to their predecessors. In 2004 in Athens there was only bronze, the current coach of the United States Greg Popovich (72), who was otherwise responsible for the San Antonio Spurs throughout the year, was an assistant at the time and says today, “The gap has narrowed from year to year.” In 2019, at the World Cup in China, American stars presented for the first time since 2002, ending a major tournament without a medal.

One explanation for the fact that Americans are now having a hard time as if they had to shove medicine balls through a much smaller basket: stars from abroad. He was the most valuable player last season Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets), Serbian. Best Actor in the Final Series Giannis Antikonmo Excellent, Greek in service of the new Mr. Milwaukee Bucks. And the best basket fisher in the Olympic Games in Tokyo is a Slovenian: Luka Doncic From the Dallas Mavericks.

Team USA made unexpected mistakes

In Tokyo, the impression initially emerged that the 2021 USA team could be more than the Alpdream team. In addition to curry, the largest such as, among other things, is missing LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) or James Harden (Brooklyn Nets) Popovich has ten Olympic newcomers on his roster. There were unexpected errors in preparation, with 76:83 against France at the start, it was the first defeat in an Olympic tournament in 17 years. “There are a lot of people who want to see us fail early,” he says. Kevin DurantThe Brooklyn Nets star after beating Australia 97:78 in the semi-finals. And Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) beaming adds, “We came here with one goal: to get gold. And now we are well positioned to do that.”

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US Basketball Players and Olympics – Will It Still Be a Dream After All? 32-year-old Durant is said to be the guarantor. Even if two of the twelve American players in Tokyo belonged to the filling boat class, the other ten had experience big and amazing enough to keep the other rebellious nations small in the end. Durant still stands out quite a bit in this tournament. “The potential of our team is inexhaustible,” he says. Draymond Green (Golden State), but: “Kevin gives us the rhythm. He can do whatever he wants.”

Kevin Durant can get his third gold medal

Durant was the best basketball catcher against Australia with 23 points, and he could win his third Olympic gold medal in Japan. “You can learn spirit and energy from him on the field,” she says. Devin Booker From Vice Champion Phoenix Suns. “He’s seen every situation in a tournament like this – Kevin is a great leader.”

On Saturday (4.30 a.m. German time), the United States will play for their 16th gold medal in basketball – only three times they didn’t make it to the top of the podium at the end. The contenders in the final are the French, who narrowly defeated Doncic’s Slovenes 90:89. Evan Fournier, the most accurate in a play-off game against the Americans with 28 points under contract with the Boston Celtics: “You are just like us, you have the right approach and the right mindset. They are better individually – but as a team they can be beaten.” So says one of the ghosts invited by David Stern for 26 years.

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