The United States accounts for 19 percent of corona virus-related deaths worldwide, although it accounts for only four percent of the world’s population. They record more than 28 million positive findings confirmed in SARS-CoV-2 worldwide.

By this time, however, the black wave of the epidemic, which ended in mid-January, had been easing there for several weeks. Since then, the number of hospital admissions with severe Govt-19 and data on new infections has been rapidly declining.

Five hundred strokes

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris recalled the great loss of life when Biden delivered a speech at a White House event on Monday. Following that, the bells of Washington National Cathedral rang 500 times in memory of the victims of the epidemic. Biden ordered five days to pay half the mast all the flags in the federal territory. In front of the White House, 500 candles were lit.

“Our people cannot accept this terrible fate. We have been fighting this epidemic for so long. We must resist the insensitivity to pain,” the president said. “We should not see every life as a statistic or a statement. We should do so in order to pay homage to the dead, but to take care of those behind is no less important.”

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Christmas was important

The United States, like other countries, recorded the first cases of the corona virus early last year. Authorities reported the first 100,000 deaths in May. By September, the number of deaths associated with Govt-19 had doubled as the country went through a second epidemic in the summer months, bringing with it more epidemics than the initial outbreak, but the death toll did not increase dramatically.

In December, the death toll rose to more than 300,000 as the United States entered a deadly period around Christmas, during which 230,000 people died within three months. Between December and February, 46 percent of all Govt-19 deaths in the United States were reported.

In the early stages of the epidemic, the virus spread mainly to major American cities. Of New York’s overpopulated population, 28,000 have died, more than double the U.S. average. In the following months, however, the disease affected the countryside as well, avoiding the first waves.

According to Reuters, the high number of deaths and epidemics in the United States is due to the long-term lack of an integrated and national strategy to fight the epidemic. The administration of former President Donald Trump, who ended his term in office this January, has largely left the announcement of measures against the epidemic to individual states. Trump also underestimated the virus in public statements and contradicted the claims of his own crisis staff experts to fight the epidemic.

“The numbers are incredible,” said Anthony Fucci, a leading epidemiologist with Piton’s chief medical officer. “Looking back, we have done worse than any other state. We are a very developed, rich country,” he added.

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