AMD Ryzen 5000U Brix: Gigabyte builds on new 7nm Zen 3 APU mini PCs
Photo: GB

Just six months ago, Gigabyte Brix Mini-PCs with AMD Renoir announced that Cezanne-based solutions would indeed follow. Not only are there major changes to the interior, but Gigabyte is also making adjustments to the connections and housing for the Computex 2021 in.

Not only does ASRock bring updated miniature computers to the default gallery, but also Gigabyte. Key difference: many years later, GIGABYTE has dared to make major innovations with housing very similar to Intel NUC. Combined with the ultra-modern motherboard, this has a huge impact on the variety of connections, which are more recent than the ASRock Mars 5000U, which was revealed at the same time.

It starts with the number of display connections: four 4K / 60 outputs enabled by two HDMI ports, one USB-C DisplayPort, and one Mini-DisplayPort. Built-in LAN is available on fast 2.5Gbps and WLAN on ultra-modern 6E specifications. Ostensibly, the package is rounded off by classic USB ports.

Gigabyte Brix 2021 with AMD Ryzen 5000
Gigabyte Brix 2021 with AMD Ryzen 5000 (Image: GB)

Gigabyte will display the model in two box heights; The higher version can take up more storage space. The salient feature: As can be seen from the video, I / O or Storage Extender can be installed in the higher version, with which it is possible to implement additional connections such as LAN or increase the number of SSDs to three.

The interior is designed like modern AMD laptops, DDR4-3200 as SO-DIMM and M.2 SSD on either side of the AMD Ryzen 5000 CPU Cezanne with a maximum of eight cores and 16 threads. Gigabyte states that it combines fan speed and TDP: everything is included, from 15 watts and a quiet profile to boost mode with 37.5 watts and the corresponding volume level.

Gigabyte Brix 2021 with AMD Ryzen 5000
Gigabyte Brix 2021 with AMD Ryzen 5000 (Image: GB)

Production of the new BRICS 2021 is supposed to start in the third quarter. Hence, availability and corresponding pricing are still unclear today.

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