Windows 10 21H2

Windows 10 21H2 operating system

While the current 21H1 update for Windows brings only some changes, Microsoft is planning large-scale innovations with the 21H2 successor.

Microsoft is apparently working on a new and old function bar for Windows 10. COMPUTER BILD reveals what Windows Tools will bring and when it will come.

After Windows 10 is not new with 21H1 update, many users are eagerly waiting for the upcoming 21H2 fall update. Since Microsoft recently discontinued Windows 10x entry-level release in favor of Windows 10 and promised a “mega update” in the Build development kit, expectations are currently rising. According to current rumors, the software giant is even working to bring back the Charms Bar from Windows 8 under the “Windows Widgets” business title. COMPUTER BILD explains what’s behind it.

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Windows Tools: Return of the Charms Bar?

It has long been known that Microsoft intends to introduce a revised user interface called “Sun Valley” and various functional improvements with the upcoming update of Windows functionality. Some innovations – such as new system icons – are already available as free trials in the Windows Insider Program. How Newer Windows Reportedly, the 21H2 should also bring several improvements in the field of multitasking, such as new swipe gestures and an improved tablet mode. Thus, a constant component of the Sun Valley redesign is a new functionality bar, which Microsoft is currently testing only internally. This is a feature called “Windows Widgets,” and it is said to have similarities to the previous Windows 8 Charms Bar (see image below).
Windows 8 Charms Bar

Microsoft got rid of Windows 8 Charms Bar (pictured directly) using Windows 10.

The “magic” bar appears with a scroll sign, the keyboard shortcut Window + C In addition to indicating one of the right corners of the screen, it allows access via applications to multi-tasking functions such as search and sharing, connected devices, and Windows settings. The ribbon was less common with many Windows 8 adapters, who were already bothered with “modern” tiles and apps, especially as it often appeared unintentionally due to “active corners”. But even though Microsoft has discontinued the functionality with Windows 10, the suite is working on rolling back to the next version of the operating system, according to the report. Unlike Windows 8, the bar should appear there on the left edge of the screen.

Touch screen improvements

The report doesn’t reveal how Windows gadgets actually work and look. This feature may be dependent on the “Active Desktop” functionality, which was also discontinued a long time ago, which made web content such as pictures and news available on the desktop through to Windows XP. Widgets (“desktop gadgets”) that were introduced with Windows 7 have long been among the most popular Windows functions. It is also envisaged that Microsoft will use entry-level functions that are now deprecated, Windows 10X, such as the nifty and focused Start menu (“Launcher”) or the new Information Center.
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