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What Carl Lauterbach says about the question of the Minister of Health


Carl Lauterbach, SPD Health Specialist (archive) Carl Lauterbach, SPD Health Specialist (archive)

Carl Lauterbach, SPD Health Specialist (archive)

Source: dpa / k Needfeld

On the Internet, thousands with the hashtag #WirwollenKarl have called for Carl Lauterbach to become health minister in Olaf Scholes’ cabinet. The department goes to his party SPD. Now the politician has revealed himself.

KOn the evening of the announcement of the alliance agreement of the Ambelcolition, arl Lauterbach warned of his ambitions for the Federal Ministry of Health. Physician and health economist at RTL Direkt, who has made a name for himself as an SPD healthcare professional:

“I’ve been in this field for a long time, so it would be surprising if I didn’t want to do it in principle. But there are others who can do it, and it’s not about me.

During the election campaign, Lauterbach made his demands very aggressively to the ministry. Basically, Lauterbach assesses that the ministry has gone to the SPD: “We are a Social Democrat, and that is an important part of us.”

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Top Ambience (from left): Annalena Barbach, Robert Hebeck (both Greens), Olaf Scholes (SPD), Christian Lindner (FDP)

The health expert is known for his numerous dog show appearances, but is also appreciated for his extensive knowledge. He won a landslide victory in the federal election in Cologne with 45.6 percent of the vote in the first round. As a result, despite the low level on the list, he moved back to Bundestock.

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Olaf Scholes, the newly appointed federal chancellor, renewed his promise Wednesday evening that a cabinet would have an equal number of women and men. In the ARD “Brennpunkt”, the SPD politician, when asked if he was committed to this promise, said, “I will be firm in my words.” Carl Lauterbach is a man. He is from North Rhine-Westphalia. Nothing is known about the roots of emigration.

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