Home Top News Javelin thrower Vetter takes a break from competition

Javelin thrower Vetter takes a break from competition

Javelin thrower Vetter takes a break from competition

yOhan’s cousin looks a little pissed when asked to talk about why he’s taking his health break from competitions. “Technical problems,” chanted by the 29-year-old, were the deciding factor in the emergence of many “physical construction sites.” “But” by far the best spear-thrower of recent years confirms, all this is “nothing decisive”.

Johannes Vetter wants to take a two-week break and give the “medical team” freedom to act so that all complaints can be resolved. He has canceled his planned starts at Ostrava this Tuesday and Hengelo on June 6. Already in Dessau last week he gave up his participation after he was dumped.

Will his cousin slow down again? Last season, the 2017 world champion traveled to Tokyo as the clear favorite with an impressive streak of numerous throws all plummeting beyond 90m for the supposedly certain gold medal. But at the Olympics, the best athlete in the world, who cultivated a very strong style, could not cope with the smooth surface of the carriage. As the ninth to defeat, he had to miss the Olympic stadium before the final.

In the current season, which has two major events in store with the World Championships in Eugene in July and the European Championships in Munich in August, Vetter has so far been unable to boast of last year. His slender 85.64-meter performance was his best to date, achieved in a pitcher’s meet with his local club, LG Offenburg. The 29-year-old is ranked sixth in the list of the best players in the world, even in the German standings he is still in third place behind Andreas Hoffmann (86.52) and Julian Weber (86.09).

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