Alaska: The man appears to have been followed by a bear for a week in the wild

This case sounds like a low-budget sequel to a Hollywood movie “The Revenant” is dead by Leonardo DiCaprio. in the wild Alaska It looks like a bear has followed him for a week after it attacked him earlier.

Fortunately, the authorities said, a team from the Coast Guard discovered the injured person from a helicopter.

During the flight between the towns of Kotzebue and Nome in remote northwest Alaska, the man was spotted at a mine camp last Friday β€” thanks to a “distress sign over a hut.”

At first the crew only saw the sign, then discovered the missing person desperately waving at another flight. The helicopter had changed course due to the weather and so it flew over the very distant camp.

The forces found the man with injuries to the leg and upper body and took him to hospital in Nome. According to the injured party, the injuries were caused by a bear attack. But there is no mortal danger.

After the attack, the bear kept returning to the camp at night for an entire week and followed the man. The man’s friends reported him missing after he failed to get back to sleep.

Bear attacks are very rare

The co-pilot of the helicopter, A. c. Hamak: “We don’t usually see people in the wild.” The New York Times monastery. After landing the exhausted man fell to his knees. β€œIt definitely looked like he had been there for a while,” your father-in-law said.

The US state of Alaska is sparsely populated and is famous for its pristine nature. is home to black, polar and brown bears, Including the Kodiak bear, which is one of the largest bears in the world. Watching bears is common in Alaska, but attacks on humans are rare.

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