Home Top News 13 Reasons star Tommy Dorfman turns out to be transgender

13 Reasons star Tommy Dorfman turns out to be transgender

13 Reasons star Tommy Dorfman turns out to be transgender

She was the main broadcaster of the popular Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”. But now he can’t deny himself: actor Tommy Dorfman reveals he’s transgender.

In the Netflix hit “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” (originally “Why 13 Reasons”), Tommy Dorfman played the role of Ryan Shaver, a school newspaper producer who loves poetry. The series is over now, but the story of Tommy Dorfman continues. Recent episode: His journey as a transgender. But Tommy doesn’t even want to see it as a “journey”.

Dorfman has often posted photos of himself on Instagram, but now the star of the series is openly talking about a very important topic: Tommy feels feminine! “Today it’s about clarity, I’m a transgender woman. My pronouns are she / she. My name is Tommy,” he told the American newspaper Time. Also, Tommy took new photos with the magazine he shares with his followers on Instagram. You can see her in a red lace dress and stilettos.

“For over a year I have been personally recognizing myself and living as a woman – as a trans woman,” Tommy continued. It also has a certain professional impact: “I’m not interested in acting in male roles anymore. Except like ‘Kate Blanchett plays Bob Dylan’, sometimes you say ‘No, it’s me!’

She separated from her husband

Before transgender people came out, the actor spoke openly about his homosexuality and had a partner for nine years. He and Peter Surkuhlan were married in 2016. But by living as a transgender, this relationship had to come to an end.

“As a result of the change, I am now looking for other romantic relationships,” Tommy said. “I’m been in a relationship for nine years, where I was considered a masculine person. I love him very much, but as a trans woman, we realized that I was not necessarily interested in a gay man.” However, the two are still friends through long and intense conversations. .

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