AI and Smart Home Integrations for the Samsung Galaxy Ring Revealed at MWC

Samsung recently unveiled its latest wearable, the Galaxy Ring, as part of its Galaxy S24 launch last month. The tech giant is focusing on the health features of the Ring, with artificial intelligence playing a key role in analyzing the data collected by the device.

The Galaxy Ring is set to be a part of Samsung’s health push, working in tandem with the Galaxy Watch 6 to monitor various health metrics and activities. The company has also announced plans to integrate health data from the Ring with its SmartThings smart home platform, allowing for innovative features such as controlling lights based on sleep needs or setting medication alerts.

Some of the health features offered by the Ring include sleep tracking with metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, night movement, and sleep latency. Users have the option to wear the Ring alone or pair it with the Galaxy Watch for more accurate sleep tracking capabilities.

In a competitive wearable market, Samsung is facing rivals such as the Oura Ring and Movano Health’s Evie Ring. However, Samsung is aiming to differentiate itself by offering a more subtle and stylish wearable option with the Galaxy Ring.

The Galaxy Ring will also be integrated with Samsung’s AI health features as the company continues to enhance its Galaxy AI capabilities for smartphones. With its focus on health and innovation, Samsung is looking to make the Galaxy Ring a standout wearable device for users looking to track and improve their health.

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