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In a computer simulation, experts from the State Office of Roads, Bridges and Water calculated what would happen if heavy rains hit the Ahr Valley in 2021. Effect: The damage will be substantial here as well.

In a computer simulation, the State Office for Roads, Bridges and Waterways, together with the Environment Agency, looked at what would happen in Hamburg when rain from the Ahr Valley. It then checked what was happening in the Alster, Kollau and Wellingspattel border basins. Flood experts have long had such models with maps of flood zones, hazards and risks, but not with rainfall of this magnitude.

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Audio: Ahr Valley Computer Simulation: Considerable Damage in Hamburg too (1 min)

Hamburg also suffered considerable damage

In the Collaw and Ulster region, building damage could be five times greater than previous model calculations. Hundreds of houses will be submerged in flooded areas. In Kolla alone, the area of ​​the floodplain is more than 33 hectares. In Hamburg, which is relatively flatter than the Ahr valley, the water flows more slowly, but lasts longer. According to experts, areas will be submerged for two to five days. Difficulty for rescue workers such as firefighters and paramedics. Substantial damage to infrastructure is also expected in this case.

In addition to Alster and Kollau, the Velingspetal border basin was also studied. The Wiesenweg and Volksdorfer Weg areas will experience 50 to 60 centimeters of flooding. The Hühnermoor park was under 1.30 meters of water.

The results of the simulation should be taken into account

The results of computer simulation should be taken into account in urban flood and heavy rain prevention. For example, flood plains will be larger than before. How can we better protect ourselves from the effects of heavy rains, how can we deal with multiple sealed areas, what is forward urban planning? All of these reviews are updated and corrected. And the people of Hamburg are getting better and better information Interactive maps of floodplains Or the online Heavy Rain Hazard Map.

More info

View of Altenahr-Kreuzberg at high tide in the Ahr Valley © dpa Photo: Boris Roessler

A year ago, 189 people died in devastating floods in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Half of the donation money is still outstanding. (07/14/2022) Also

Several houses were destroyed after flooding in Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate.  © N.T.R

This was a reaction to the devastating floods a year ago, when warnings were given but not taken seriously enough.

2018 flood © rtn radio tele nord/Peter Wuest Photo: Peter Wuest

How threatened is the north by rain and how prepared are municipalities? Our multimedia documentary shows this in graphics and images.

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