After a long break: 'Perfect Celebrity Dinner' returns

After a long break
The Return of the “Perfect Celebrity Dinner”

There have been no new episodes since 2019, and now “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” returns to Vox with four specials. In the summer, a total of 16 celebrities stand in their kitchen doing their best at the stove. Social media, reality TV and Mallorca stars will be there.

In the spring of 2019, the final episode of “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” was staged. And now, Vox is bringing the prime-time climax of its weekday movie “The Perfect Dinner” back onto the screen. According to the radio, the first of the four summer specials will air on June 19, 2022. The other three programs come on the following Sundays and are also on RTL + Available.

Candidates for culinary competitions have already been identified. The first episode will be on June 19 under the title “The Social Media Generation”. With Lara Loft, Malwanne, Papaplatte and Max, four influencers or streamers compete against each other.

Diversity Week begins June 26th. “Prince Charming” Nicholas Buschmann and “Princess Charming” Irina Schlausch, starring in queer dating shows on RTL+. Drag Queen Candy Crash and “Love Island” contestant Jessica Derucki to complete a diverse quartet.

Mallorca in focus

In the episode titled “Goodbye Germany – Viva Mallorca” a battle will take place between the stars of Vox “Goodbye Germany” on July 3rd. Male immigrants compete in pairs: Lesha and Lou, Tamara and Marco Gulpin, and Mark and Lycia Weslick. Danny Buchner cooks with her daughter, Giulina Karabas.

At the end of the small season, the slogan “Party Mile Mallorca”. Party singers and other personalities from the Balearic Islands are guests: Ina Colada, Detlef Steves, Lorenz Büffel and Isi Glück.

Since March 2006, aspiring amateur chefs have been cooking for themselves every working day at The Perfect Dinner. In the summer of the same year, the first branch followed the celebrities rather than the ordinary. From 2017 to 2019, two more specials were released each year, all episodes with Jungle Camp nominees. There hasn’t been a new episode since 2019. After ratings for regular episodes recently skyrocketed again, Vox is now battling a celebrity revival.


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