After a fire in Europa-Park: The first attraction affected by the fire – Offenburg and the surrounding area – has reopened

The fire in the Hispanic area affected different roofs. One is fixed now. Photo: Silas Stein/dpa

After a fire broke out at the amusement park at the start of the week, an attraction is already open again on Saturday: the Panorama Train has been making its laps through the park again since 9:30 am.


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According to the Europa-Park report on request, protective walls and fences were erected so that the train could run again without looking into the areas affected by the fire. The path has not changed.

Between the “Magic World of Diamonds” and the store damaged by the fire, the train runs through the burning area – protected by walls and tarpaulins. Michael Mack of The Working Family posted a video of her on Twitter:

At the train station in the region of Spain, the roof damaged by the fire has already been repaired, explains a spokesperson.

Alpenexpress “Enzian”, “Yomi Magic World of Diamonds”, “Tiroler Wildwasserbahn” and shop will remain closed. Games should reopen next year at the latest.

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