Washington About 90 percent of adult Americans can join the anti – Govt. This was announced by President Joe Biden, who, according to the AFP agency, outlined the rapid trend of vaccination currently underway in the United States. Obani warned that the fight against the corona virus was not over and urged them to keep their gloves on and follow the anti-infective medication.

We did not win the wolf against Govt-19, Biden warned, citing symptoms, and asked if the plague was spreading again in the United States. People grow up careful, which is pretty bad. We are talking about profits, and some states need to reconsider the latest decision limiting restrictions on economic life, ”he said. Wear handles. It was a patriotic duty, he continued.


According to The New York Times database, there were an average of 63,000 new infections moving seven days a week in the United States, as of last June. Two weeks ago the jet was at 54,000.

Last week saw an average of 2.7 million injections per day, with Pfizer / Bioendech and Moderna on the big days. By analyzing data on vaccinated Americans, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the results of recent clinical trials, according to which both prototypes offer very different defenses against Govt-19.

The New York leadership has said it wants to open booked immunizations for those over 30, and every 16-year-old citizen will be eligible to be vaccinated from April 6. New York and neighboring New Jersey are now registering the highest number of new diseases caused by sweat in the United States. In New York, the fourth most populous state, 30 percent of adults have received at least one vaccine.

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The United States is the country with the highest number of people infected with the corona virus, and has registered nearly 550,000 cases since the outbreak. Since taking office in January, Biden has promised to deliver 100 million vaccines to the United States in the first 100 days of his presidency. He then doubled his promise that, according to The New York Times, the United States is now on track to achieve this new goal.


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