Acceptance: Kremlin blames sanctions policy for halting gas deliveries
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The Kremlin blames sanctions policy for halting gas supplies

Gas transportation via Nord Stream 1 will not be resumed at this time

Contrary to what was announced, the flow of gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on the Baltic Sea will not continue. This was announced by the Russian state-owned Gazprom. The reason given is an oil leak in the Portovaya compressor station.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov mocked Europeans on Russian television. They could have strokes when they saw the electric bill. “Now that the weather is much colder, the situation is only going to get worse.” He also blamed the sanctions policy for halting gas supplies.

nAfter stopping gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the Kremlin blamed the European Union. “If the Europeans made a completely ridiculous decision to refuse to maintain their own, or rather, Gazprom-owned facilities, then Gazprom’s mistake is not a mistake, but the fault of the politicians who made the sanctions decisions,” said spokesman Dmitry Peskov. State TV program “Moscow. The Kremlin. “Putin,” Interfax news agency reported on Sunday.

According to Peskov, the Europeans are contractually obligated to maintain the plant of the Russian energy giant Gazprom. Politicians are now making sure that “their citizens suffer strokes when they see their electricity bills,” Pesco said, referring to the rapid rise in energy prices. “Now that it’s colder, the situation is only going to get worse.”

Gazprom announced Friday evening that it will not pass gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on the Baltic Sea, citing a technical malfunction at the Portovaya compressor station. The group had earlier justified a three-day halt in delivery from Wednesday to Friday with maintenance work.

Even before that there were doubts about the reason for the stoppage of delivery

The Federal Network Agency had previously suspected that the reason for the delivery halt was a leak. “According to the assessment of the Federal Network Agency, the alleged defects of the Russian side are technically not a reason to stop operations,” the report of the administration’s administration on gas supplies wrote. Siemens Energy, the turbine manufacturer allegedly affected, made a similar statement. Sealing such leaks is a routine part of maintenance work.

According to the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, German gas storage facilities are now 85 percent full. The ministry said, on Sunday, that “the storage goal, which was set by law only on October 1, has already been reached.” on Twitter.

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