Aachen: Fair visitors trapped on a carousel 25 meters high

Aachen: Fair visitors trapped on a carousel 25 meters high

Exhibition breakdown – People were stuck in the swing carousel for an hour

Chain carousel at an exhibition in Aachen

At a height of 25 meters the chain carriage suddenly stopped

© Ralph Roger / Picture Alliance

The passengers of the chain carousel had to bear an hour at an altitude of 25 meters. I don’t know why the ride suddenly stopped at an Aachen exhibition.

The chain carousel suddenly stopped 25 meters above the ground. “The ride can no longer carry guests to the ground,” the fire department said. The fair audience – 20 adults and four children – hung in the air for an hour. Emergency services had to free the spectators from the “sky killer” in a complex rescue operation.

As the city of Aachen announced on Thursday, a gravitational feature carousel has stopped at the Öchener ramp and can no longer move. The cause of the ride breakdown is not clear. According to the “Aachener Zeitung”, the first reports of an emergency arrived at the police station around 9 p.m.

Extensive rescue operation in Aachen

The fire brigade considered a large number of injuries, so went with a large team of 70 emergency services, including rescue from the heights. Assistants climbed up to twelve gondola “ski gliders” on the air rescue platforms and freed the spectators. At 10pm the last passenger was lowered down again. A firefighter at the WDR said the inmates were excited but not panicking.

No injuries. All of the victims were able to leave the exhibition after being examined on site. During the process, part of the exhibition was closed and the rest of the activity continued. The crowd of spectators who had gathered around the affected ride disbanded after the rescue operation was over. One of the eyewitnesses described the scenes as “very spectacular”.

The Aachen showman boss said “nothing happened” and he was relieved for the WDR. “It is important that all safety precautions are taken.” Further inquiries into the cause of the technical malfunction will be conducted by the Municipal Building Inspector, Technical Monitoring Association and the Occupational Safety Office.

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