A young woman from Belgium disappears while on vacation
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Left: Missing tourist Celine Kramer.  Right: your parked car.
Belgian Celine Kramer suddenly disappeared while on vacation in Australia. Now the police found her car. © Tasmanian Police/Montague

There has been no sign of tourist Celine Cramer in Australia since mid-June. The local police issued a statement regarding the missing Belgian.

Tarkin/Australia – There has been no trace of a young woman from Belgium for nearly two weeks. Celine Kramer has been missing in a rainforest in Tasmania, Australia, since June 17. As the local police said on Thursday, June 29, the police are currently very concerned about the young tourist. Accordingly, the 31-year-old has little chance of surviving in the wild.

In the case of the disappearance of a young man from Kassel, the police had good news in April and were able to arrest the girl without disturbing the clues.

A young woman from Belgium disappears without trace while on vacation – the local police are looking for Celine Kremer

Celine Cramer was last seen on Saturday 17th June in a small town in northwest Tasmania. On Monday, June 26, the young woman’s car was found in a parking lot in the Tarkin Rainforest. As the police explained, the white Honda is believed to have been there for at least nine days at this point. Celine Kramer is out and about with gear for an easy stroll. If the young tourist from Belgium really disappeared into the wilderness, the vacationer would have almost no chance of survival. As the police explained, the Australian winters on the island off the southern tip of Australia are very cold.

Searches, including those using drones and helicopters, have so far been unsuccessful, and bad weather has also hampered them. Nighttime temperatures in the Tarkin District dropped to the freezing point this week, with rain and snow. “The weather conditions in the past few days have been difficult,” said police officer Anthea Mingai. According to medical experts, these conditions in the wild are probably “not survivable.” It is currently not possible to say for sure if Celine Kramer really did disappear into the wilderness.

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Celine Cramer was last seen in mid-June, and now the police have caught up again.
Celine Cramer was last seen in mid-June, and now the police have caught up again. © Tasmanian Police

Backpacker disappearance: Police release new details about Celine Kramer’s disappearance

Mingai added that while the search for Cramer will continue, “we are dealing with very dense forests and difficult weather conditions are expected to worsen in the coming days.”

The Sister of the Lost Traveler addresses the public on social media. With a photo of her Belgian sister, she hopes to get clues about Celine Kramer’s disappearance. As the local police explained in a statement Thursday, the hiking trail will remain temporarily closed to the public.

In the case of the missing Maddie McCann, the fate of the little girl remains uncertain. New clues keep coming in, and now an important witness is speaking for the first time.


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