17 seconds disturbing luck: Bayern Munich's 12th (annoying) man

17 seconds spoil your luck
The twelfth (annoying) player for Bayern Munich

By Tobias Nordmann

Bayern Munich won a convincing victory over Freiburg. Coach Julian Nagelsmann cheers after the game. From the team and from Leon Goretzka. BVB also plays an important role. However, the perfect afternoon can end badly.

Fortunately, the fellows from Sky stopped. Bayern Munich broke the rules of the German Football Association (DFB) for 17 seconds at noon on Saturday. 17 seconds caused quite a stir on all the regular TV celebs on Sunday morning and will be watched closely in the coming days. More precisely: in the coming days, those interested in football in Germany will take a closer look at how to assess this mistake in the Bundesliga match against Freiburg.

Things now look like this: Referee Christian Dingert overlooked the fact that Bayern were on the field with eleven field players, a total of 12 players, in the match at Freiburg’s new stadium in those 17 seconds. Of course this is not possible! The confusion came about because the wrong shirt number was displayed when the Kingsley Coman was substituted. The French player clearly did not feel being treated and did not initially leave the field after a double substitution.

Well what now? Confusion. It is not clear if the German Football Association will step in and verify the rating of the game. It is not clear which clause of the DFB Rules will apply in this case. Felix Zuer, who served as a video arbitrator, does not necessarily expect consequences. “From my point of view, it can’t be compared to a situation where a player who is not in the match report is involved,” he said at the gym. “In fact, the player who was on the field a lot was a qualified player who was on the field at a time when he shouldn’t have been. That’s in the rules of football, not in the regulations how to deal with it and how to proceed.” looks squishy? it’s a.

“There is nothing out there that speaks against the fair game.”

But Zuer’s basic assessment that Munich has nothing to fear is naturally met with great affection from Bayern. “Mistakes happen, from the point of view of both teams and fair sport, there was nothing wrong with fair game,” says coach Julian Nagelsmann. Well, of course he is not wrong. But when Bayern get away with a supposed black eye, the anger in the country (for football) is just too great. Then the “Causa FC Bayern” is announced. Koeman, the extra man, was off the ball for the most exciting seconds of the day. And he didn’t do anything else that would significantly (or in any way) affect this game. Unlike 85 minutes before that. He was busy and scored a beautiful goal three minutes before being substituted to make it 3-1. He was the decision-maker in this really good match.

Dietmar Hamann wasn’t entirely comfortable about things that happened after 5 p.m. on Saturday: “It’s a violation of the rules. If someone goes into the field, someone has to go down. It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 seconds or not five minutes, and as we’ve heard, The people of Freiburg informed the referee about the situation, said the Sky expert, who once played for Munich himself, but likes to criticize the club in his current role. He then said: “The DFA Sports Court should decide the rest. They should be punished, which is out of the question for me.”

In the meantime, the person responsible for this stupid dilemma (or whatever you want to call it) is being searched for. The trail leads to Kathleen Krueger. Dengert explained that the team manager gave the fourth official the wrong number of 29. However, Koeman dropped it in the summer and has bounced back 11 since then. In the current professional team, the 29 currently offered are not set. crazy thing. Or a “distracted situation,” Dingert found. By the way, Bayern Munich should not expect an objection, at least from Freiburg, coach Christian Streiche confirmed: “We do not have to do this at all, because we are subject to a set of rules.” According to these rules, it is very likely that consequences for the rating of the game will not be very likely.

The only love of Leon Goretzka

So, back to sports. An amazing 90-minute Nagelsmann followed him. And he was very satisfied with his feedback, although his team already started in the second half. Leon Goretzka (58), Serge Gnabry (73), Koeman (82) and Marcel Sabitzer (90 +6) scored for Bayern Munich. As for the hosts, the phenomenon Nils Petersen scored his 100th competitive goal for the sports club just a day after extending his contract. “I told the players at the hotel that every minute counts on the way to titles that we can and want to win,” Nagelsmann said happily. “They used every minute and I am satisfied.” And he especially liked to chat about Goretzka, whom he and the club have missed so much in the past few weeks.

“He should be enjoying being back on the field after four months,” Nagelsmann said before the match. “It is important to me that he is not very smart and does not want to destroy the world.” And the man who was born in Bochum, possessed of incarnate power, tore the world apart, at least shook the world a little. And in the 58th minute, Goretzka headed a free kick in front of Freiburg goalkeeper Mark Fliken.

Goretzka was sidelined for four months after being injured in a major match against Borussia Dortmund in early December. The national player’s suffering continued forever after the decision was made to treat the knee injury with caution and not to perform surgery. Now Nagelsmann has sent the midfielder onto the field from the start. “In the last two weeks, when he’s back, I’ve noticed he’s been doing us a lot of good in training,” Nagelsmann praised. “You always need a player who trains with absolute greed and pushes others.” Goretzka “Important for the team and for the whole club. He has a massive physical presence, a very good footballer. He is someone who brings activity, brings greed. So it helps that we have four months later again.”

The overall (title) luck increased late on Saturday evening. Because Borussia Dortmund, the only remaining rival (if that is the right word), was humiliated by RB Leipzig at home. BVB dropped with 1:4. Mad. and perhaps the final decision in a duel mr. Unless those damn 17 seconds still have consequences. Focus directed.

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