The oil tanker “Trinity Spirit” has exploded off the coast of Nigeria and its wreck has caught fire. Ten people are said to be on board, and environmental damage has yet to be predicted.

A 2 million barrel oil tanker has exploded off the coast of Nigeria. according to Shipping company There were ten crew members on board. Local news portal Fresh Angel, citing eyewitnesses, reported that 12 people were missing. Pictures spread online showing the smashed “spirit of the Trinity” in a sea of ​​flames. You can see the recordings in the video here or directly above.

The ship is a floating production and storage unit; Used in offshore drilling to collect oil from drilling rigs and wells. It is currently unclear how much oil the “spirit of the Trinity” carried.

The explosion reportedly occurred near a loading station near the Niger Delta. The country’s largest oil reserves are located there. Nigeria It is the largest oil producer in Africa and produces about 2.5 million barrels per day, with a volume of one barrel of 159 liters.

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