A major setback in the search for an HIV vaccine

berlin (dpa). A particularly promising vaccine candidate against HIV/AIDS does not provide adequate protection against one Immunity deficiency Virus-infection. He gave that we– The well-known pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson after reviewing data from pivotal clinical trials. “We are disappointed with this finding,” said lead researcher Penny Heaton, according to a statement. The third phase study (“Mosaico”) will be completed with 3,900 subjects.

to me Immunity deficiency VirusAccording to expert Hendrik Strick, who participated in the study on the sidelines, no other preparation had such good prospects. The poor results of the now published study would “significantly set back the search for a vaccine,” Streeck, who heads the Institute of Virology at the University of Bonn, told dpa. “Until recently, I still hoped that this vaccine would work.” This is how the monkeys showed their very good immune response to the virus. However, in 2021 there was already a study (“Imbokodo”) on a similar study Immunity deficiency VirusThe vaccine has been discontinued, which dampened expectations in the Mosaico study.


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