A little sign of life from Nintendo

Nintendo is getting a lot of things right with the Switch, which is why the console is such a hit. However, one brand has been overlooked thus far: Donkey Kong. With “Tropical Freeze”, unfortunately, there was only the old Wii U game as a new version.

Last year, Donkey Kong’s 40th anniversary was overlooked, and while Pokémon, Mario and Co. seem to have… A reason to celebrate every year, Donkey Kong is not mentioned. 40 years is a real milestone.


Is there finally a new Donkey Kong?

Now, however, there is a small sign of life, because not only has Nintendo expanded the trademark into the patent office as usual, there is also a new entry:

Will we finally see a new Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch? It’s supposed to be one in development, which even Nintendo itself has taken over.

I hope. The really modern 2.5D Donkey Kong had made it to the top of my wish list by now. The series isn’t exactly Nintendo’s bestseller, but given the way it’s been treated over the past few years, it’s no surprise.

The last game was released in 2014, and soon Nintendo went a decade without a new Donkey Kong. While Donkey Kong is constantly positioned as a character in games, he definitely deserves more attention.

Hey Nintendo, how about F-Zero?

Nintendo F Zero Header

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