A father of four thinks he has coronavirus - but he had an incurable brain tumor |  News

Matthew Ellis (33 years old) has given birth to four children. Now he must say goodbye to him.

The Briton suffers from an incurable brain tumor and does not live long. A fundraiser is set up to take his family on vacation for the last time.

The fate of the 33-year-old – dramatic!

In 2017, a man from Netherfields (Northern England) was diagnosed with skin cancer for the first time. After all, doctors gave Ellis only six months to live in 2020 because the cancer has spread. But the father of four is a killer and believes he has the disease under control.

At an unspecified time in 2022, Matthew Ellis was complaining of a severe headache and malaise. He was admitted to the emergency room at James Hawke Hospital in Middlesbrough with what appeared to be symptoms of COVID-19. There is a diagnosis of shock: several brain tumors, some of which are disabling.

Father Matthew with the four children swimming in the pool

Father Matthew with his four children wandering in the pond

Photo: Lauren Ellis

His wife, Lauren, told regional news outlet Teesside Live: “The melanoma is spreading so fast that he had to have surgery last week. But the tumor in his brain is bleeding afterwards.” The bleeding could only be stopped with 40 pins in his head.

In general, the worker’s condition of the biomass power plant has deteriorated sharply in recent months. For a vacation together, the family launched a fundraising drive at Gofundme. It is indeed the second procedure of this kind, which explains the somewhat reserved help so far. In four days, the equivalent of only 420 euros was accumulated. The target amount is 5900 euros.

The family of six with their kids Leo (10), Lola (9), Luca (5), and Lorena (1) want to use the money to go on vacation for the last time. The fundraiser for terminally ill Matthew Ellis can be found here.


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