A-Cold-Wall: Beats Studio 3 bald in neuer Limited Edition erhältlich

Apple’s Beats Studio 3 will soon be available again in a new, limited edition: This differs from regular versions of the Beats Studio 3 by a different color scheme. This headphone model from the Beats line was first launched by Apple in 2017.

In the Beats family lineup, there will likely be a new version of Beats Studio 3 soon. Beats Studio 3 will be available in a special limited edition. The Beats Studio 3-A-Cold-Wall-Version Appleaktuell is still listed as “Available Soon”. It is not known when the new limited edition will be available to buyers.

The A-Cold-Wall-Edition was developed by Samuel Ross in collaboration with Beats by Dre. It differs fundamentally from the regular editions of Beats Studio 3 in its changing color scheme, so the new Special Edition comes with a touchable bow and ear cushions in different colours.

Apple regularly updates the Beats Studio 3 series with limited editions

Apple first launched Beats Studio 3 in 2017. Since then, new special editions, which were only available for a limited time and as long as stocks last, have been updated time and time again. It is not yet known when and for how long the new limited edition will be available.

Beats Studio 3 can run for 22 hours on a full charge. Thanks to a quick ten-minute charge, another three hours of playing time can be enjoyed.

sustainable product

For Beats Studio 3, Apple explains how sustainable the product is. They are only delivered in packages that contain recycled fibers or wood from sustainably managed forests. Beats Studio 3 tape also contains recycled fibres.

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