For many years, Google has been running two navigation platforms in parallel, and despite having a similar set of functionality, each addresses completely different target groups. Now there is another update for wizzwhich is mainly used Apple Music Delighted: The functionality of the Waze music streaming platform is now integrated, so that listening to music with Apple Music and navigating with Waze is even more convenient.

Apple waze music

In recent years, Waze has distinguished itself not only through major updates in terms of functionality and design, but also through important partnerships, often involving the media sector. Amazon Music came to Waze a long time ago, and of course YouTube Music from Google is also included, and now we can announce the official support for Apple Music. Apple Music’s most important features can now be controlled via Waze Player.

To do this, you have to connect Apple Music to Waze once, just like you know it from all other external platforms. Once you do this, Waze will present the usual options in the mini-player: pause, next track, last track, progress bar and of course information about the currently playing track. The update will be rolling out to all iPhone users and should reach all devices within the next few days.

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