A biathlete who disappeared without a trace was found dead
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Missing Norwegian athlete Eyvind Sporaland has been wanted for months. Now the body of the 22-year-old has been found.

Lillehammer – Norwegian biathlete Eyvind Sporaland has been missing since March 19. The 22-year-old spoke to his father and then left home in Lillehammer. Then all trace is lost. Searches by the police and friends and family of the missing person were unsuccessful. Only Sporaland’s car and smartphone have been found.

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Sporaland’s biathlon talent has disappeared since mid-March

“In such cases, when people disappear, it is very difficult to find the motive behind it. It was not clear from the beginning. We are not looking for a deceased person. However, we regularly assess whether we should do it after all. But for that, we’ll need a specific area that we can search for,” the officer in charge, Ragnhild Oren, recently told the Norwegian TV station. TV2.

Until the end, the parents did not lose hope that their son would be found alive. “We have no other choice. Until we get clarity, we’re clinging to the hope that lingers. He’s used to life in the wild and we think he may have come a long way. We hope people pay attention and report if they see anything. The police are relying on leads.” “Our biggest wish is to find him,” Eyvind Sporaland’s parents told the Norwegian newspaper. Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen.

It seems that Eyvind Sporaland is dead.
It seems that Eyvind Sporaland is dead. © IMAGO / Javad Parsa

However, local authorities have now discovered a body in the area where the missing athletes were last suspected, which is consistent with the description of the person described. According to the police, all evidence points to the body found being Sporaland.

Sporaland’s biathlon talent is apparently dead

“We cannot say for sure that it is Eyvind Sporaland until we do the autopsy. We have every reason to believe it is,” Oren told the Norwegian newspaper. The daily newspaper.

A hiker in the Balbergkampen district has discovered something blue on the ground – the missing Sporaland was wearing a blue jacket on the day he disappeared. The man shared his observations with authorities, who later found the body in the rough terrain. “Shortly after receiving the tip, we found a dead person wearing a blue jacket and red shoes,” he asserted. Oren. According to the commissioner, there are currently no indications that a violent crime has been committed. (smr)


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