90 plus |  The final of EM 2024 is taking place in Berlin!


News | EM 2024 will take place in Germany. UEFA has now announced the tournament schedule. The final will be held at the Berlin Olympics.

The competition schedule for EM 2024 has been released

Unload EM 2024 Will take place in Germany, which has long been known. The 14th European Championship will be played in ten different cities from June 1 to July 14. Now she has UEFA And on Tuesday The table has been released. This means that the final match of the European Championship will be held in the capital. The Berlin Olympic Stadium will be the venue for the finals. On the other hand, the opening match will take place at the Alliance Stadium in Munich.

More news about international football

For the first time, consistency was added as a factor when creating the table. The European Football Association divides the stadiums into three “clusters”. These are arranged as follows: “north-northeast”, including Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig, “west”, Dortmund, Dசsseldorf, Kelsenkirsen and Cologne, and “south”, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart. Each team will play within these two clusters. The aim is to reduce the travel distance of the fans of the respective national teams. The UEFA It also announced that from May 16 this year, the full rules for the competition will be published on their website.

Photo by John McDougall / AFP via Getty Images


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