Thinking of how to create a perfect room for your child? Setting up and designing a kid’s bedroom or playroom is an exercise in creativity that can be quite rewarding if done right. In fact, the joy you’ll get from seeing your son or daughter happy and comfortable in this renovated space that you’ve created for them will no doubt be quite special. 

However, you might find yourself at times a bit lost and in need of inspiration to create that perfect room. Case in point: How do you design a space that not only makes them happy right now but also in the future? Kids are whimsical, and just because they want a baseball-themed bedroom today doesn’t mean they’ll want it a year from now. 

Plus, you have to make sure you create a space that allows them to indulge their boundless creativity by day and also get a good night’s rest. Indeed, there’s no one formula for creating the perfect kid’s room, but there are some tips that could, perhaps, make it easier for you.

Here are seven tips for creating the perfect kid’s room.

1. Safety First

Your very first consideration should be making your kid’s room as safe as possible. Furniture with sharp corners, bare electric wires, and sharp instruments should all be absent in any growing adolescent’s room. At the end of the day, you want a space where you can comfortably leave your child knowing little to no harm will come their way.

2. Colors

“I like dull colors,” said no kid ever. Color plays an important part in brightening any kid’s room and injecting an air of liveliness. Thus, when choosing wall colors, it’s a good idea to let your child pick one (or more) of their favorites and to use this opportunity as a jumping-off point for improved aesthetics. Additionally, you should also try to match up the colors of any rugs, curtains, and other accessories in your child’s room with the overall general color theme.

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3. Toy Décor

How do you turn that alien spaceship you’re designing into something familiar? It’s easy — decorate with your son or daughter’s toys! Buy them personalized gifts and toys like Lego bricks, teddy bears, or custom puzzles, and use these goods to decorate their room. Ultimately, this will create an air of familiarity and make it easier for your child to settle into this renovated space that’s all their own.

4. Defined Spaces

A kid’s bedroom serves multiple purposes: playroom, study spot, sleeping area, and more. In that sense, it’s a good idea to help them define and separate these different spaces in their bedroom, which will make it easier for them to carry out any and all desired activities as they see fit. For example, set up an adjustable chair and table in one corner of the room for studying, with another corner dedicated to their toys and other playthings. 

5. Lighting

Lighting is another important part of setting up a child’s room. Use warm, ambient lighting at night that will help your child go to bed without fear of the dark. In the daytime, a rich white light can provide enough illumination for them to enjoy different activities and prevent accidents. And, of course, the aesthetic value of these bedroom lights will add to the overall beauty of the room.

6. Innovative Storage

To help battle clutter (which is inevitable), use innovative storage spaces that can double for other functions. Beds with foldable drawers, hanging hooks, and furniture with storage spaces will all help to create defined spaces for storing items and reduce clutter. Additionally, this will teach your child the importance of order and tidiness and give them preassigned places for storing their toys and other items. You should also keep a minimal amount of furniture in your child’s bedroom so it doesn’t get overcrowded. This will also give them a more generous play area.

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7. Flexibility

Remember, all kids grow up at some point, so try to utilize design methods that can be overhauled with minimum fuss. Use wall hangings, art pieces, vinyl stickers, and wallpaper to decorate. All these items can be easily removed and replaced if your kid decides Superman is no longer their favorite superhero. And this should also extend to the ergonomics of the furniture. Using adjustable beds, chairs, and tables means you don’t have to buy new furniture every time they grow an inch taller.

Let Your Child’s Imagination Run Wild

When designing your kid’s room, you might be tempted to let your imagination run wild to create that perfect room you wish you had while growing up. Instead, allow your child to add his or her input and help them create a fun space that can be enjoyed and evolve as they grow up.


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