Morgenmuffel aufgepasst: 5 Tipps für einen frischen Morgen

Doesn’t he get up early? Not a problem! With our five tips you will become a happy person in the morning. Well, maybe not quite! But these five tips will make it easier for you to get up – I promise!

Away from the snooze button

It’s great that we can keep clicking the snooze button and let the day wait a little longer… But beware! At worst, after pressing the snooze button, the body falls asleep again and thus begins a new sleep cycle. Another alarm ringing, it can stress your body. Best: Wake up really after your first alarm. But do you really like snoozing? Well, start slowly and set the second alarm 10-15 minutes after the first alarm. You’ll see, your day will start out better!


Vitamin kick in the morning

Not only you, but also Your skin needs vitamins. above all Vitamin C Provides a real kick of freshness and Its application in the morning provides you with protection for the whole day: it effectively protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals and reduces skin aging caused by UV rays to your cells. looks good? We think so too! with the NIA Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Pearl Serum You not only soften the first wrinkles, but also smoothen your tired skin in the early morning. Suitable for this brings you NIVEA Q10 Energy Care Series With a full vitamin kick throughout the day.

Photo: Nia/Beiersdorf


It sounds strange, but it is so: if we open the windows early in the morning and breathe fresh air, we feel better all day. This makes you awake and It supplies your brain with some oxygen, which is now required. And in winter, an open window is 2 times better, because the cold air makes us more alert. But don’t forget: ventilate only occasionally or turn off the heating if you plan to ventilate for a longer period of time.


pull through

As with all things in life, perseverance is the key to success. So once you find your sleep rhythm, You don’t have to spoil it again for the weekend. Therefore, your alarm should ring at the same time throughout the week so that your body gets used to the rhythm.


Water first thing in the morning

When you wake up feeling dehydrated because you haven’t drunk anything in a few hours – logical enough, right? Once you give your body something Water Giving becomes yours Course stimulate You will feel fit! It is best to drink a large glass of water as soon as you wake up and start the day with energy. By the way, warm water strengthens your immune system and is better tolerated than cold water.



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