49ers Fire Defensive Coordinator Wilks After One Season

San Francisco 49ers part ways with defensive coordinator after disappointing season

In a surprising move, the San Francisco 49ers have decided to fire defensive coordinator Steve Wilks after just one season with the team. Head coach Kyle Shanahan made the announcement during a conference call, explaining that the decision was made in the best interest of the organization.

Wilks’ tenure with the 49ers saw a decline in the team’s defensive performance compared to the previous year. Despite finishing third in points allowed, the team struggled particularly against the run during the playoffs. This setback prompted Shanahan to address some of the team’s defensive struggles and take partial responsibility for maintaining the same defensive system as previous coaches.

Criticism surrounded Wilks throughout the season, reaching its peak when Shanahan publicly criticized him for a bad play call. The coach’s decision to dismiss Wilks seems to underscore a lack of faith in his ability to effectively lead the defensive unit.

Now, the search for a new defensive coordinator has begun. Shanahan is considering both internal and external options to find the right candidate who can effectively tie the defensive front and secondary together. This appointment is crucial as the team aims to improve its defensive performance and strengthen its overall game plan.

Before joining the 49ers, Wilks served as the interim coach for the Carolina Panthers and later became the head coach for the Arizona Cardinals. However, his time with the 49ers was marred by controversy. Wilks is currently involved in a lawsuit against the NFL, alleging racial discrimination. While the outcome of the lawsuit remains unclear, it may have influenced the decision to part ways with Wilks.

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As the 49ers regroup and prepare for the upcoming season, the search for a new defensive coordinator is a top priority. Shanahan and the front office will need to act carefully to ensure the team’s defense can effectively support the 49ers’ ambitions for the future.


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