3 things you should never do at a gynecologist
A woman puts the pants in her hands |  © Getty Images / Maryna Terletska

3 things you should never do at a gynecologist

© Getty Images / Maryna Terletska

Many women do not find visiting a gynecologist particularly pleasant. It gets worse if you don’t pay attention to certain things. 3 things you should never do at a gynecologist.

There is no clear definition of how often you should see a gynecologist. indeed For all women over the age of twenty One appointment per year counts as part of your health insurance benefits. Anyone over the age of 30 gets additional breast cancer screening and all women over 50 can get screening every two years mammographyChest X-ray. In order to exclude gynecological and venereal diseases, we recommend that you attend the annual appointment. If symptoms appear, you should not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Lots of hygiene

Of course, none of us want to go to the gynecologist, unwashed or unwashed. But you should not over-care for your intimate area either. Before visiting, it is advisable to rinse the mentioned spots with lukewarm water. Aggressive shower gel or even internal cleansing Just shake the pH balance It must be avoided.


The infamous chair – there are nicer places to sit, right? Even if it sometimes seems cold and strange what a gynecologist does, Never sit tense. This only makes the examination more difficult and ultimately more painful.


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