2024 NFL Free Agency: Ranking All 32 Teams by Chances of Winning Offseason via Draft, Signings, Trades

The NFL offseason is a time where championships are not won, but the groundwork is laid for future success. Teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Rams have proven that big offseason moves can lead to ultimate triumphs. On the other hand, perennial contenders like the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs focus on a combination of drafting, developing, and bringing in veteran help to stay competitive.

As the 2024 offseason approaches, teams are strategizing to improve their chances in the upcoming season. Five tiers have been identified to categorize teams based on their potential success in the offseason: contenders sitting pretty, contenders with questions, rebuilders with resources, uphill climbers, and purgatory peddlers.

Teams like the Bengals, Lions, Rams, and Texans are considered contenders sitting pretty with solid cap space and promising players already in place. Meanwhile, the Bears, Cardinals, Commanders, Falcons, Patriots, and Titans fall into the rebuilders with resources category due to their cap space and draft picks.

Uphill climbers and purgatory peddlers are facing more challenges in the upcoming offseason as they work towards building a competitive roster for the 2024 season. As teams gear up for the offseason, the competition will be fierce as they strive to lay the foundation for a championship-caliber team. Stay tuned as Bio Prep Watch brings you all the latest updates on team moves and developments in the NFL offseason.

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