Home Top News 2. Bundesliga: John Regensburg puts Schalke 04 in crisis

2. Bundesliga: John Regensburg puts Schalke 04 in crisis

2. Bundesliga: John Regensburg puts Schalke 04 in crisis

John Regensburg’s rise in the 2nd Bundesliga continues. Schalke fell 04 against the Bundesliga, a surprise team that had already won the first three games of the season, 4-1 (1-0) ahead of their own crowd. Werter Bremen scored 0-0.

Regensburg remain top of the table without losing points and are already eight points ahead of Schalke four days later, with its form looking to last in the second division. Right-hander John-Nicholas Feste scores the opening goal with the help of Schalke back: Florian Flick loses the ball to David Otto of Regensburg in his own penalty area. Schalke scored (in the 8th minute) 20 meters from Ralph Furman to beat Peste.

As a result, it was difficult for Schalke to get chances against a well-organized home side. Otto was on foot 2-0, but this time Ferryman (27th) failed to respond harshly, while Royal Blues Rainbold demanded a penalty after Sarpreet Singh’s elbow against Ronft, but it was not available (38th). Steve Friedcroots (55th) and Otto, this time Peste (73rd) served in a corner, ending the game after the break. Silicon Derode managed only a consolation goal (81st), before Singh Schalke corrected the defeat (86th).

Welder Bremen scored a point at Karlsruhe. The Bundesliga have in recent weeks left unsigned players like Joshua Sergeant, Maximilian Estein and Yuya Osako to replace them. (57th) Do not use it.

In the first half, Carlsruhe was able to thank referee Bastian Tankert for deciding to fine Bremen when Philip Hayes’ Nikolai Rob (29th) and Lucas Kyoto (39th) played a handball. At the end of the game, it is noteworthy that Werder can no longer bring any reinforcements from the bench where only young players between the ages of 19 and 21 are seated. Although KSC outnumbered them, Michael Setter’s best chance was vehemently opposed by Marco Tide (71st) on a Bremen goal.

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In a battle between two teams that had not been defeated before, Paterbourne retreated. Despite an early setback, when Philip Geris last saw a red card against Sven Michael (6th), Saint Bowl had the best cards for a long time: first St. Bowl keeper Nicola Vasilge tennis penalty (8th), then Guido Burgostoler low shot for guests (28). Th) gave the lead after the counterattack by.

Shortly before the break, Adam Devicana equalized with his own goal (44th). After Daniel-Kofi Kaires (47th) had the chance to rely on the reaction of Fatbourne team goalkeeper Janick Houth, Guy Brocker (65th) took the lead for East Westphalia just a minute later. Michael stopped his good performance with the final score (90 + 2).


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