A 10-minute workout to flatten the stomach

A 10-minute workout to flatten the stomach

We will offer you cramping exercises for your stomach, with which you can effectively strengthen and tighten the muscles of your core. Do this in a circle – and do the exercises in succession in several rounds.

This is how it works: Leadership Each exercise takes about 30 seconds Outside. After the sixth and final exercise, do approximately 20 second break. Then start a new round and start over with the first exercise. Generally what do you do? 3 passes.

Exercise 1: Leg raise

The circuit begins in the back position and stretches on your fitness mat. Now lift your legs in the air until they form a 45-degree angle. Then lower yourself back toward the floor, but don’t put your legs completely down. During the exercise, make sure that your lower back is touching the ground all the time and that you are raising your legs using the strength of your abdominal muscles.

Exercise 2: crunches

Stay on your back, heels up, lower back firmly on the mat. Place your thumbs on your temples or place your fingers behind your head. The elbows point outward. The neck remains long throughout the exercise. Lift your torso up and pull your belly button inward. Exhale as you rotate and engage your entire core. As you exhale, slowly lower yourself down.

Exercise 3: start commenting

This exercise is similar to a leg raise. With that said, instead of raising and lowering your legs, keep them in the air at a 45-degree angle.

Exercise 4: Russian Twist

You are sitting slightly leaning back on your fitness mat. The legs are fixed, the arms are also slightly bent and are at the level of the navel. Tighten your stomach and rotate your torso from side to side. You will notice that this exercise primarily trains the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Übung 5: mountain climbers

Enter pressure mode. Now alternately pull one leg to the chest. Be careful not to lift your buttocks too high and keep your shoulders above your hands. Big side effect: The muscles in the arms, buttocks, and legs are also worth the money. And your endurance will also be excellently trained.

Tip: The more you pace yourself with mountain climbers, the more intense and sweatier your workout will become. Very important: movement always comes from the hips and legs.

Exercise 6: planks

Finally, get into the plank. Take a push-up position, supporting yourself on your elbows and planting your toes. The rest of the body is in the air and is stretched straight. The head, back and bottom form a line. The plank not only refines your core, but hardens your entire body.


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