Im Liveticker: Terence Boyd und Lautern treffen auf Hannover 96 mit Sebastian Kerk.

Rookie team 1. FC Kaiserslautern is looking forward to the opening match of their second Bundesliga match against Hannover 96 with great anticipation and euphoria encouraged by it, FC Kaiserslautern coach Dirk Schuster said before the game on Friday evening (8:30pm. sky And the Saturday 1). “For me, Hannover is one of the candidates for promotion. We want to outperform their quality with our mentality.”


The guests from Lower Saxony hired a prestigious coach at Stefan Little and changed the team after a disappointing season. However, one does not see himself as the most likely candidate for promotion: “For Hannover 96, the goal should be to return to the Bundesliga at some point,” said sporting director Markus Mann of dpa “But: a new coach, A new idea and a lot of new players – it needs to be found first.” The start should start with a win over Pittsburgh, 96 already winning the opening game 4-0 in 2016.

After four seasons in the third division and a self-successfully completed bankruptcy in 2020, the excitement and pride of the people about the Red Devils’ return to the big football stage can be felt throughout the Palatinate. And the league becomes more brilliant. “I think it’s no coincidence that we’re playing this first game of the season. A lot of people are only interested in this club,” FCK captain Jan Zimmer told dpa.

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