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06.07.2021 – 13:55

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TEAM U launched a digital platform: the Cologne Social Foundation helps entrepreneurs out of the financial crisis الأزمة

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The global COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, yet the effects of the lockdown measures are already showing severe effects. Small and medium businesses in particular are increasingly reaching the limits of their financial capabilities. Bankruptcies threaten, livelihoods are at stake. Even before the crisis, German non-profit organization TEAM U and Swedish financial services provider Hoist Finance partnered to help those affected by financial hardship. Due to the growing demand, the collaboration between the two companies is now being expanded to a digital platform. This is primarily aimed at owners of small and medium businesses and aims to prevent bankruptcies and provide assistance in financial restructuring.

TEAM U was founded by social entrepreneur Attila von Unruh and has already helped over 25,000 people get through their financial crisis. The aim is to support companies in financial difficulty – with advice and concrete assistance for crises and concepts of liquidity stability. To that end, the non-profit organization works mostly with volunteer mentors: internships and one-on-one coaching in one-to-one – a concept that reached its limits before Covid-19, but has almost completely stopped in lockdown.

Thanks to a partnership with Hoist Finance, TEAM U has now expanded its services to include a digital platform. “We are very excited to launch our digital platform right now. With this service, we are able to help many cash-strapped people. The new offering represents a great opportunity – for those affected of course, but equally for society as a whole” Since the pandemic, inquiries have increased exponentially. We hope that we can now support more of those affected,” says Attila von Unruh.

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The new offer is an easy-to-use one-stop shop. The online platform offers information, training and advice. For this purpose, TEAM U network partners make their content available free of charge. The basic idea is that the exchange of knowledge and skills between the various parties can lead to practical assistance enabling the financial inclusion of those affected.

“Cash-strapped people with an uncertain future are under a lot of pressure – it’s important they know they are not left on their own. We support them in resolving their long-term financial issues,” says Janine Girrold, Project Manager at TEAM Yu.

Christian Steinbach, Country Director for Germany at Hoist Finance: “We are convinced that it is possible to support people on their way back into the financial ecosystem. We have followed TEAM U’s work with great interest and are glad we can help them expand their offering and reach more people using this digital platform.


TEAM U is the first German social enterprise that supports people at risk of bankruptcy. TEAM U was founded in 2013 by social entrepreneur and Ashoka scholarship holder Attila von Unruh, who himself has experienced insolvency. The organization is an independent non-profit organization and has already helped more than 25,000 people overcome their financial crisis. The concept relies on support in all three phases of a crisis: early warning, support in a financial crisis, bankruptcy, and successful restart. Cash-strapped SMEs are being helped through preventative support, crisis mitigation, and liquidity recovery. The social enterprise operates both analog and digital – a combination of self-help groups, one-on-one coaching by volunteers and the new and innovative online digital platform makes TEAM consulting services exceptional.

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About crane financing

Hoist Finance is a trusted debt settlement partner for individuals, companies and banks in thirteen European countries. With more than 1,600 dedicated employees, smart digital solutions, and a deep understanding of the individual financial situation, Hoist helps more than six million customers meet their commitments. This is achieved by agreeing sustainable payment plans so that everyone is: Connected to the financial ecosystem. Hoist Finance has a variety of asset classes and its online savings platform in Sweden and Germany, which enables its unique financing model. Hoist Finance was founded in 1994 and is now a publicly traded company on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit hoistfinance.com.

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TEAM U – Restart gGmbH
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